Fantastic Show!

Way to go! You did great. The house was teaming with people that love, love, love you.

You looked great. Songs were wonderful.

Thanks so much for gracing our stage in San Francisco.


Best - Paula

Paula Heitman
Founding Partner
Director of Marketing
Society Cabaret

​You well exceeded my expectations. Great job, Dan. 

Marty Nemko, Ph.D.
"The Bay Area's Best Career Coach," San Francisco Bay Guardian
Host, Work with Marty Nemko, KALW 91.7 FM (NPR-SF)
New book: The Best of Marty Nemko, 2nd ed.  
In June, 2018: Careers for Dummies​​

Sinatra and Friends with BLING!


Dear Dan, When I heard you perform at the Hotel Rex on Friday, September 9, my jaw dropped, and I still haven't been able to prop it back up! Imagery to cartoony? How about, you blew my socks off! No, no, your still too cartoony! Anyway, your performance of songs by Sinatra and Friends simply astounded me. Your mastery of all the styles, your impeccable musicianship, your interpretive range, your emotional depth, and most certainly, your glorious voice, were mind blowing! I can't thank you enough for this incredible evening of song, complete with costume changes and bling, glorious bling. Loved the dancing and impressions, too! I can't wait to hear you perform again! Now, if only I could find my socks...


Sharon Abe

Your voice and presence are wonderful and I am so lucky to have you perform with me and others!

Kathy Holly 

Holly Productions​​​